The Power of Light

The locations and subjects that draw me in do so because I resonate with them. I often become strongly attached to such places and return repeatedly. Documenting these subjects is a deeply personal endeavor for me.

I work exclusively with the transitory nature of ambient light. Long exposures can yield stunning results with light levels so low they’re not perceptible to the eye. Saturation and hue emerge out of shadows to create texture and mood.

As any outdoor photographer will confess, rendering evocative images is done so at the mercy of the sky. Light is fleeting and ephemeral; there are no guarantees. “Being there” is only part of the equation, no matter how much preplanning is involved. The balance of the formula is chance. To a greater or lesser extent, each frame is an experiment.

Playing with context and perspective bring endless satisfaction; both are fluid. A location can be represented as a whole, or a tiny slice of it can comprise the entire frame. Some scenes demand the full sweep of the horizon, east to west, with the enormity of the world represented in a single frame. Other times, it’s the tiniest of details that make the image.

I look forward to exploring more deeply the balance of light and shadow, color and saturation, warmth and coolness, and the endless permutations of these elements. I’m embracing my own evolution as a documentarian while I watch the world around me evolve. I only know that I am driven to keep looking through the lens.