Jefferson Spring


Interconnectedness of Everything

This post marks my entry into the world of blogging.  I do this, on one hand, reluctantly, as my life is full of attempts at balance: life, work, friends, solitude, beauty, and art.  On the other hand, I’m finally ready to put my work out there.  Friends, associates, coworkers, and other well-meaners advise me to ‘write stuff here’.  So I will.  It won’t all be about photography; there is only so much to say about that (it’s meant to be seen more than discussed).  Instead, I’ll write about whatever comes to my mind, and often it intersects with photography.

Today is July 4.  This morning, a friend on FB posted an eloquent statement about how, this year, maybe we ought to celebrate not the violence and blowing up of stuff, but rather  our nearly lost ability to civilly disagree (without resorting to name calling and busting out the Glock).  Maybe we should celebrate building something that truly lifts everyone up–whatever that might be.

My neighbors are already at it blowing stuff up in the street.  Being an American is so strange to me; we have the gift of so much freedom, and yet we squander it away on such meaningless and misguided, wasteful things: motorsports, sports in general, fashion, competition.

As you’ll find out in the posts to come, I’m a bit of a misanthrope.  I also love people, or at least the ones that make my life so worth living.  We are complex creatures capable of so much horror–and so much beauty.  This latter component is what I’ll try to focus on in the coming posts.  My photographic work (and my musical work as well) is often motivated by the things I see, experience, or hear about in the world.  You wouldn’t know it from the photos (they’re almost always landscapes or abstract landscapes), but the feelings that possess me to travel to places with a camera flow directly from those seen, experienced, or heard topics.